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Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Falaris Kind and Lovely Yuffie
Date of birth: August 22, 2008.
Titles: Estonia Champion, Russia Champion, Romania Chapmion.
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Heiter Krieger Pelageya
Date of birth: May 05, 2009.
Titles: Junior CAC, BOB Junor, Best Female 2.
Health: L2 HGA, HC - geneticaly Clear.
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Falaris Nika
Date of birth: October 06, 2010.
Titles: BOB Junior, Junior CAC, 2 x Open Class Winner, Best Female 4.
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Falaris Fiona
Date of birth: May 01, 2006.
Health: PRA, RD, Cataract, PHTVL/PHPV - clear.
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Litters of Yuffie.
Date of birth: January 17, 2011.

Dam of Litter O
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Litters of Pelageya.
Date of birth: October 07, 2012.

Dam of Litter Q
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Litters of Nika.
Date of birth: July 13, 2013.

Dam of Litter U
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Litters of Fiona.
Date of birth: August 22, 2008. June 10, 2010.

Dam of Litter K and Litter N.
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Owner: Jelena Zinovjeva
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